We believe in...

A minimal approach

We have a less is more design philosophy. Our clothes are made to fit the simple lifestyle of a woman who wants to look effortless and completely fuss free. Because let's face it, we have better things to do than spend one hour in the morning trying to figure out an outfit.

Conscious, timeless and seasonless design

We design clothes that withstand fashion trends. The fashion industry is the second largest pollutant in the world after the oil industry. We can reduce this impact by creating clothing that we'll want to wear over and over again, even in different seasons. 

Honesty in pricing

As an independent design company, we sell to our consumer directly, removing the middle man and the costs associated with it. We also rely on you for our marketing efforts through word of mouth, organic growth. With these savings we are able to reduce our prices to offer you the best possible value.

Unique pieces with a global inspiration, produced locally

We look for inspiration all over the world. From Indian textile patterns to Japanese minimalism to Moroccan embellishments, we love bringing together and re-interpreting different design elements from various cultural sources. We're committed to producing locally as much as possible to minimize the impact on the environment.



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